Tips for Choosing the Right Break Room Furniture

When creating the perfect office, don’t underestimate the importance of the break room. It’s the space where employees fight the midday sleepies and refuel with food and friendship. Without a proper break, your employees can’t add to the value of the company to the very best of their abilities.

Here’s what you should consider as you choose the right break room furniture:

1. Consider Your Space

Examine the size of the space for your designated break area - it could be a dedicated room or a section of open-office space near the kitchen. Make the most of the space by choosing the right furniture. If you don’t have a lot of space, go with furniture that is minimal and modular. If you have plenty of space, get creative with several different types of areas, like a standing-height table with stools, booths, lounge furniture, and more.

2. Consider Your Company Culture

Does your company have a visual brand? It’s harmonious to add a nod to that branding in your break room. At the same time, the break room is a place for refreshment and rejuvenation, and colors matter when it comes to your employees’ moods. Since the break room is where you typically get to spice things up, create a fun space for your team. Do you promote a “work hard, play hard” environment? Then add a foosball or shuffleboard table. Is your company vibrant and thriving? Potted plants or a living wall are great physical representations of that.

Whether it’s the colors you paint the walls, the laminate you choose for tables, or the fabric on the chairs, get creative and consider your culture!

3. Consider Your Employees’ Needs

It’s important to remember that your employees may recharge in different ways. Typically there are two main ways people recharge: being with people or being alone. You might recognize these two energy savers as the definitions behind extroverts who need people to stay energized, and introverts who need solitude to recharge. Try to include areas for both types of personalities: one that promotes interaction and one that allows for quiet breaks.

If you want your employees on top of their game, you need to create a space for them that caters to their needs. Ultimately, employees who feel appreciated and understood are happier and more productive. Win Win!

Not sure where to start? Our experts can help create the perfect break room for your unique office and team!

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